Skoda Yeti: reaches three-month mark

And the half time scores are...

The more I drive the Yeti the more I like it. Covering 160 miles a day for work you can quickly detect a car's inadequacies and it's safe to say that the Yeti has very few. It's incredibly comfortable to drive and while it's only a little taller than the average hatchback, you do get the secure feeling that comes with a little extra ride-height.

Another thing that you get in the Yeti package is that you don't incur the wrath of the anti-4x4 brigade while still enjoying the benefits of a high-riding off-roader.

Then there's the engine. The 2.0-litre diesel with 138bhp is excellent. Low-down pulling power is brilliant - stick it in to third gear and you really get the full force of this as it soaks up the motorway miles with absolute ease and smoothness. 

A few little niggles

Despite my growing, and slightly worrying, infatuation for what is essentially a lot of metal on some wheels, there are just a couple small niggles that I've noticed in my three months with the car.

First off is the engine noise. There's still a fair bit of engine grumble that creeps in to the cabin. It's hardly teeth-gratin' but enough to make you turn up the radio, even if it is old people moaning about something on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 phone-in. 

The second irritation might seem trifling but it is a day-in, day-out annoyance that could easily be sorted by Skoda. The aux-in system for your MP3 player - in my case my iPhone - isn't the best or most intuitive system. Annoyingly, you can't search through your music using the stereo so instead I have to just put the whole selection on random and hope for the best.

Average mpg: 41.8