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Smart Roadster (03-07) - rated 3.5 out of 5

At a glance

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Used price £2,695 - £4,999
Used monthly cost £66 - £123
Fuel economy 52 - 55 mpg
Road tax cost £125
Insurance group 20 - 28

Buoyed with the success of the Fourtwo, in 2003 Smart had a go at scaling down the sports car with the Roadster. 

It was available in two shapes, the standard Roadster and the Roadster Coupe. The first came with a folding fabric roof and a hard-top as a no cost option, while the Coupe came with a hard roof and the folding roof as a cost-option. You can store the hard top in the luggage compartment when not in use. 

Both cars share the same sized space under the bonnet for carrying luggage while the Coupe has a larger rear boot thanks to its higher roofline. 

The engine used is also the same either way, a three-cylinder 698cc unit with a turbocharger and 80bhp at its disposal. It is not fast but then straight line speed is not really what the Roadster is about.