Parkers overall rating: 3.3 out of 5 3.3

Should you buy a Suzuki Jimny?

You might be considering the Suzuki Jimny as a cute 4×4 alternative to a jacked-up, plastic-arched city car or supermini. It’s got all the looks of a baby Mercedes-Benz G-Class, after all, and is arguably as accomplished off-road. It’s an authentic and honest car that’s easy to love, too – for both its off-road talents and its looks – but it’s difficult to recommend over almost any other alternative; its on-road manners are poor, it’s not refined enough for regular long-distance trips and it’s not very practical.

That’s not to say it’s entirely without appeal, mind; this is a car with a very clear purpose – off-roading proficiently – and this capability will make it an appropriate choice for certain buyers.

You may also want to consider it if you’re looking for a distinctive city car; the high driving position, squared-off bodywork and robust axles make navigating urban landscapes a breeze, and it shrugs off speed bumps, potholes and awkward kerbs. The tiny footprint is ideal for city-centre car parks, helped by the short wheelbase and tight turning circle. It won’t be stopped in snow, either – unlike the trains and buses.

It’s a hard car to justify, otherwise, but if you’re in the position where you need one, or simply want one due to its distinctive design, then you’ve probably made your mind up already. In that case, when specifying your Suzuki, the SZ4 model will satisfy most needs – but the climate control, heated seats, LED headlights and Apple CarPlay support of the SZ5 are well worth considering if you can get a discount.

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