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Tesla Model S verdict

2014 onwards (change model)
Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 53.0

Written by Keith Adams Published: 9 October 2023 Updated: 9 October 2023

Should you buy one?

It’s really tough to justify a left-hand drive car in the UK, and we suspect this will rule out the vast majority of potential drivers anyway. It’s also highly divisive – some members of the Parkers team love the Model S, while others can’t stand it.

But while it maybe getting on a bit, we can see how you might be tempted by a Tesla Model S given its fabulous looks, brilliant charging and (in the Plaid) face-melting acceleration. Every year it seems to get a little faster, and the minimalist interior has inspired many other car makers to kill off the button themselves. While the Supercharger network is no longer free for new Model S owners, it’s still the most comprehensive rapid charging network in the UK.

Even so, a BMW i7 is a better luxury limo, while the Porsche Taycan is a superior performance car. There are also plenty of smaller, cheaper rivals these days including Tesla’s own Model 3 and the excellent Kia EV6. All that means the Model S is now mid-table at best.

What we like

There’s no such thing as a slow Model S, with Plaid versions offering hypercar rivalling acceleration. All models come with plenty of equipment, while the Autopilot system is good if you treat it as an assistance system rather than a chauffeur. Space is also excellent inside with plenty of luggage space, too. Finally, the Supercharger network is the best in the business.

What we don’t like

Interior quality has improved over the years, but can’t match BMW and Porsche for opulence and build quality – and you’ll struggle to see where your £100k-plus has gone from the driver’s seat. We’d also like a few more physical controls for important functions such as the heating, while the ride and handling require a bit more polish.