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Toyota Corolla Hatchback (19 on) - rated 4 out of 5

The name Toyota Corolla should be familiar, as the name plate has been stamped on more cars since its inception in 1966 than any other.

Since then eleven generations of the Corolla have been made, although since 2007 in the UK Toyota’s mid-sized hatchback has been called Auris, demonstrating the Japanese manufacturer’s desire to refresh its position in the market.

While early models were rear-wheel drive, from the late-80s this was phased out and replaced by the more usual front-wheel drive.

More commonly known as a hatchback (in the UK at least), in the 2000s Toyota offered the Corolla in a wide range of shapes including estate, saloon and even MPV. The latter carried the Verso badge, which would later break off and become its own model designation.