Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

The Parkers verdictShould you buy a Toyota GR Supra?

Yes, if you're looking for a great-looking sports GT for two that oozes heritage and attitude. Toyota set out to make an enjoyable yet eminently capable sports car with the Supra – and by and large it has succeeded in those aims. If you’re looking at buying an Alpine A110 or Porsche Cayman, we’d strongly recommend test driving a Supra as well, which tells you how much we like it.

A small minority of Supra ‘purists’ may bemoan the lack of a unique, Toyota-derived engine and claim that the influence of BMW only waters down what was once a legendary name. And while it’s true that the engine could be more characterful and individual, it doesn’t stop the Supra from being an excellent sports car, with striking, sometimes challenging styling. And for most buyers, that’ll surely be enough.

If it’s not, then the good news is that the Supra undoubtedly has more to come. Faster, more powerful versions are almost certainly in the offing – all of which should have rivals from Porsche and Alpine looking nervously over their shoulders.

But there is a 'but'. While it would be a stretch to say it’s a better sports car than the aforementioned rivals, the Toyota’s blend of fun, ability and usability are hard to ignore as a more complete all rounder – as are its striking looks and enviable heritage. But as a couple of the Parkers team concluded, it's not really sure what it wants to be: sports car or grand tourer. And in that, it excels at neither.

So, it's a bit too soft and light in the controls to be a full-on sports car, but too jittery and cramped to be a sophisticated tourer. Right now, it's close to achieving greatness – but not close enough.

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