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Isuzu D-Max XTR

Isuzu D-Max review (2020)

The Isuzu D-Max is a tough pickup with an excellent reputation as a workhorse, capable of towing well, carrying plenty and promising strong reliability. This D-Max review covers the model since launch in 2012 right up to the latest revisions and model changes in 2020. A new Isuzu D-Max goes on sale...

  • Isuzu Rodeo review on Parkers Vans - front end exterior

    Isuzu Rodeo review (2003-2012)

    The Isuzu Rodeo is the successor to the TF pick-up truck and, with the gradual disappearance of the Isuzu Trooper, is expected to be both a workhorse vehicle as well as a family 4x4. The Rodeo succeeds in appearing less rugged and perhaps less intimidating than many pick-up trucks, with a neat...

Latest Isuzu pickup dimensions

Isuzu D-Max dimensions

If you're looking for a D-Max with the largest possibly load area you'll be wanting a single cab model, which has seats for just people and only comes in the entry-level Utility specification. If carrying passengers is more important you'll do best with a double cab instead, which comes with four...