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Iveco Daily 3.5t panel van

Iveco Daily review (2021)

The Iveco Daily is not like other large vans. For instead of an all-in-one structure, it uses a separate chassis with a body bolted on top, just as it has done since it was first introduced in 1978. This means that even this third-generation Daily on sale in 2021 is more closely related to trucks...

  • Iveco Daily 2009-2012 review on Parkers Vans - exterior

    Iveco Daily review (2009-2012)

    Iveco’s Daily and EcoDaily are the latest versions of the company’s stalwart panel van. Since 1978 it’s been producing and maintaining the Daily, and has sold more than two million units. With an incredible reliability record and servicing/repair infrastructure borrowed from the truck industry, this...

  • Iveco Daily 2006-2009 review on Parkers Vans - exterior

    Iveco Daily review (2006-2009)

    The Daily is the undoubted heavyweight of the panel van sector – a massively engineered vehicle with a proper ladder frame chassis underneath that is built for hard work. You won’t find many local florists driving one of these. There is also a huge range of Dailys on sale - panel vans, crew-cabs,...

  • Iveco Daily review on Parkers Vans - exterior

    Iveco Daily review (1993-2006)

    The Iveco Daily is the Mike Tyson of the van world, noticeably stronger and tougher than the opposition. Sitting on a ladder frame chassis, the Daily is a big truck scaled down rather than a smaller van scaled up. Florists, bakers and the like might as well look elsewhere as this van is best at home...

Latest Iveco Daily dimensions

Iveco Daily dimensions (2014-on)

Need a van with a lot of load space or a gross vehicle weight (GVW) to match a light truck? Then the Iveco Daily could well be for you, it offers more of both than any other large van on sale. Thanks to its truck-like separate chassis, the Daily offers not only a massive amount of load capability...