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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dimensions (2018-on)

This Mercedes Sprinter is available to buy in over 1,700 variants across eight body styles – but even the basic panel van comes in a very wide range of versions.

Not only can you choose between front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) there are:

  • Three wheelbases (short, medium, long)
  • Four body lengths (L1, L2, L3, L4)
  • Three body heights (H1, H2, H3)

All of which adds up to a van that’s likely to offer something to suit you – although payload at the 3.5-tonne gross vehicle weight (GVW), the maximum level you can legally drive on a standard UK car licence, is lower than in some (older) rivals.

Keep reading for more info about Mercedes Sprinter load area dimensions and capacity

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter capacity & size

4.5 out of 5 4.5

The Sprinter goes above and beyond in the design of its load area and the features that go with it – both standard and optional.

For example, the ‘self-arresting’ hinge design on the rear doors makes it easier and safer to open them one-handed, and also removes the need for rubber stops as they automatically prevent themselves from banging into the sides of the van.

Mercedes Sprinter (2018-on), rear doors open, load area

The load floor comes as bare metal or with a choice of lightweight plastic or heavy-duty finishing – the first maximising payload where loads can be evenly distributed, the second designed to cope with substantial weight applied at concentrated points, such as via shelving.

Similarly, the rear wheel arches are now available boxed-in with load-bearing panels, maximising the storage space available.

LED strip lighting means you’ll be able to see what you’re doing back there.

Load lashing options range from basic rings to rails that can be fitted to the floor, sides and ceiling (and accessorised with additional restraints such as cross bars and netting to stop things shifting).

Mercedes Sprinter (2018-on) dimension - load area

There are even moveable pallet supports, designed to stabilise Euro pallets or crates when going round corners.

All Sprinters come with a full-width bulkhead as standard, though this can be deleted if not required.

Mercedes Sprinter exterior dimensions

It goes without saying that this is not a small van.

Mercedes Sprinter exterior length:

  • L1: 5,267mm
  • L2: 5,932mm
  • L3: 6,967mm
  • L4: 7,367mm

Mercedes Sprinter exterior height (varies with body length):

  • H1: 2,313-2,365mm
  • H2: 2,616-2,620mm
  • H3: 2,831mm

Mercedes Sprinter exterior width:

  • All versions: 2,345mm including door mirrors (2,020mm excluding door mirrors)

Mercedes Sprinter wheelbase length:

  • FWD: 3,259mm (L1), 3,924mm (L2)
  • RWD: 3,924mm (L2), 4,325mm (L3 and L4)

Mercedes Sprinter load area dimensions

Here are the Sprinter's load area capacity and dimensions highlights.

Mercedes Sprinter maximum load area length:

  • L1: 2,607mm
  • L2: 3,272mm
  • L3: 4,307mm
  • L4 4,707mm

Mercedes Sprinter maximum load area height:

  • H1: 1,719mm
  • H2: 2,009mm
  • H3: 2,243mm

All figures apply to RWD models; increase height by 70mm for FWD models.

Mercedes Sprinter maximum load area width:

  • All versions: 1,787mm

Mercedes Sprinter width between the rear wheel arches:

  • All versions: 1,350mm

Mercedes Sprinter maximum side door opening width:

  • L1: 1,009mm
  • L2, L3 and L4: 1,260mm

Mercedes Sprinter maximum rear door opening width:

  • All versions: 1,555mm

Mercedes Sprinter maximum side door opening height:

  • H1: 1,519mm
  • H2: 1,818mm
  • H3: 1,899mm

Figures apply to RWD models; increase height by 80mm for FWD models.

Mercedes Sprinter maximum rear door opening height:

  • H1: 1,550mm
  • H2: 1,846mm
  • H3: 1,927mm

Mercedes Sprinter maximum floor area:

  • 3.9-7.6 square metres

Mercedes Sprinter maximum load area volume:

  • 7.8-17.0 cubic metres

There’s enough load floor space in the longest versions (L4) for seven Euro pallets.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter payload, weight & towing

4 out of 5 4.0

As with most modern vans, the Sprinter doesn't compare terribly well with older rivals when it comes to maximum payload. Put this down to its robust construction and extensive amount of high-tech equipment.

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Mercedes Sprinter payload and gross vehicle weight

The Mercedes Sprinter comes in four gross vehicle weights (GVW):

  • 3.0 tonnes (3.0t = 3,000kg) - badged 211 CDI and 214 CDI
  • 3.5 tonnes (3.5t = 3,500kg) - badged 311 CDI, 314 CDI, 316 CDI and 319 CDI
  • 4.1 tonnes (4.1t = 4,100kg) - badged 411 CDI and 414 CDI, 416 CDI and 419 CDI
  • 5.0 tonnes (5.0t = 5,000kg) - badged 514 CDI, 516 CDI and 519 CDI

Mercedes also mooted a 5.5-tonne (5.5t = 5,500kg) version at launch, but this is yet to materialise in the UK.

The GVW has a direct impact on payload, which in the Sprinter's case ranges 879kg (lowest at 3.0t) through to 2,622kg (highest at 5.0t).

The maximum payload at the important 3.5t GVW is 1,516kg, which applies to 140hp models (badged 314 CDI) with front-wheel drive; the rear-wheel drive equivalent tops out at 1,339kg - which spec-for-spec suggests FWD models can carry nearly 180kg more than RWD models.

Mercedes says there will be a similar difference between FWD and AWD, too.

Mercedes Sprinter (2018-on) dimension - payload

The absolute maximum payload rating we've seen quoted for the Sprinter is 3,175kg, but that's at the 5.5t GVW.

Here's a more complete breakdown of Mercedes Sprinter payload capacity:

Mercedes Sprinter body length: L1 (short) L2 (medium) L3 (long) L4 (extra-long)
3.0t FWD max payload 962kg 879kg n/a n/a
3.5t FWD max payload 1,462kg 1,379kg n/a n/a
3.5t RWD max payload n/a 1,339kg 1,153kg TBC
4.1 FWD max payload 2,037kg 1,953kg n/a n/a
4.1 RWD max payload n/a 1,939kg 1,753kg TBC
5.0 RWD max payload n/a 2,622kg 2,418kg TBC


Two things to note about the table above..

Firstly, those figures apply to the normal (H2) roof height, so taller vans (H3, which weigh more) will legally be allowed to carry less, and lower vans (H1, which will weigh less) will legally be allowed to carry more.

Secondly, unlike most manufacturers, Mercedes quotes the kerbweight of its vans with an additional 75kg added on representing the driver. So we've added 75kg to the official payload ratings above to create payload figures that are more comparible to those quoted by other brands.

Mercedes Sprinter (2018-on), side view, door open with boxes inside

One option that’s worth noting if payload is important to you is the composite rear suspension spring setup. This replaces the conventional steel springs with glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) items instead; these not only resist corrosion, they also weigh less, increasing payload by 12kg.

They’re available on front- and rear-wheel drive Sprinters.

Mercedes Sprinter towing capacity

Towing capacity is 750kg unbraked and 2,000kg braked for a bog-standard van.

However, Mercedes does offer additional equipment to boost the Sprinter to 2,800kg or 3,500kg braked towing capacity. This is typically an inexpensive upgrade.

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