Peugeot Partner van dimensions (2019-on)

Matching the Citroen Berlingo and Vauxhall Combo vans, the Peugeot Partner will carry two Europallets in its load area in Partner Standard length. Go for the Partner Long and you’ll be able to get even more loaded in the back, while the maximum payload of 1,000kg makes it the most capable in this class in terms of payload.

There’s also a choice of door options depending on the length of Partner you choose, while several options for the seating also boost the van’s versatility.

Peugeot Partner capacity & size

4 out of 5 4.0

As standard, the Partner comes with one sliding side door and two side-hinged rear doors, but you can add an extra sliding door at extra cost to the long-wheelbase Berlingo XL models if you want added practicality. There’s also a flap in the roof if you need to carry longer items instead of leaving the rear doors open.

There aren’t any differences in body heights, but with two different lengths available – Standard and Long – the overall capacities vary between models.

The Long version has a slightly longer wheelbase than the Standard model and, in combination with a lengthened rear overhang, is capable of carrying much longer items inside.

There’s a maximum load length of 1,810mm for the Partner Standard, while the Long offers 2,160mm. If you opt for the Extenso Cab for the interior, you get a load-through bulkhead and space is freed up beneath the passenger seat for carrying longer items. The seat can also be folded into the floor.

For full exterior dimensions, see the table below:

Peugeot Partner exterior dimensions

Peugeot Partner size

Partner Standard

Partner Long

Exterior length (mm)



Exterior height (mm) (Worker version in brackets)

1,840 (1,860)

1,849 (1,860)

Exterior width with mirrors (mm)



Exterior width mirrors folded (mm)



With two body lengths available, the only differences in exterior dimensions for the Partner come in its length.

Peugeot Partner load area dimensions and volume

Peugeot Partner size

Partner Standard

Partner Long

Maximum load length (mm)



Maximum load height (mm)



Maximum load width (mm)



Width between wheelarches (mm)



Maximum load volume (cu m)



Maximum load volume (Extenso Cab)



Pick the Extenso Cab set-up in the front, and some extra load length for fitting in longer items is made available, while an optional flap in the roof will allow you to also carry longer items without the need to leave the rear doors open and lash them together.

Peugeot Partner payload, weight & towing

4 out of 5 4.0

The Partner’s maximum payload rating varies depending on the model you go for, with up to 1,000kg rating for some models. You’ll know what it’s capable of carrying based on the model name.

Peugeot Partner payload

The maximum payload of each model is indicated in the car’s full name, with 650, 950, and 1000 models, and these all vary depending on the trim level and the engine fitted, so make sure you study the brochure carefully when picking what you need, as some engines and trims come in with certain maximum payloads, while others do not.

It’s also variable depending on the body length, too, as all Partner Long models come with 950kg maximum payload. The Partner Standard varies between 650, 950 and 1000, so check the specs before you buy.

And when you are loading, an Overload Indicator will let you know when you’re close to putting too much in, turning orange when you have gone over. Not every model gets this feature, though.

Peugeot Partner towing capacity

The Partner is capable of towing between 680-750kg unbraked, again depending on the specific model. Some will manage up to 1,200kg braked.

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