Renault Master dimensions (2010-on)

On this page you'll find full details of the Renault Master panel van's load area dimensions, payload and towing capability.

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Renault Master capacity & size

4.4 out of 5 4.4

With three roof heights, three wheelbases (SWB, MWB and LWB) and four body lengths available – plus a number of off-the-shelf conversions and a choice of front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD) – you should be able to find a Renault Master to suit your loading needs.

You can even get the largest bodysize in combination with a single rear-wheel drive axle as well as the heavier-duty twin rear-wheel drive axle, which preserves maximum width between the rear wheelarches for the greatest possible load volume.

Renault Master load area, dimensions, payload - pre-2019 model, being loaded by forklift

All Master panel vans come with a single sliding side door on the passenger side as standard; a second on the opposite side is optional. 

The rear doors open to 180 degrees as standard, with a 270-degree hinge upgrade optional on all but the short-wheelbase FWD models.

Both standard and heavy-duty load floors are offered, and you get eight or 10 load lashing points, depending on body length.

A full-height steel bulkhead is standard.

Renault Master, 2020, rear view with all doors open

For the 2019 model update (in production from July 2019, on sale in the UK from September 2019), Renault has added ergonomic grab handles to the Master's load-area door openings, and LED load-space lighting for improved visibility.

Plus there's the option of a more durable and easy to clean polypropylene lining solution.

Renault Master van dimensions

The Master is offered in three lengths as a FWD van (L1, L2 and L3), and two lengths as a RWD van (L3 and L4).

There are three height options (H1, H2 and H3), but the lowest H1 roof is only available with the shortest body; the rest of the range is split between H2 and H3 options.

Confusingly, Renault also uses other letters to denote lengths in some of its official documentation; we've included these in the tables below as well.

Renault Master van exterior dimensions:

Renault Master van L1H1 L1H2 L2H2 L2H3 L3H2 L3H3 L4H2 L4H3
Exterior length (mm) 5,075 5,075 5,575 5,575 6,225 6,225 6,875 6,875
Exterior width including mirrors (mm) 2,470       
Exterior height (mm) 2,307 2,500 2,499 2,749 2,488-2,549 2,744-2,815 2,557 2,808
Side door opening width (mm) 1,050  1,270     
Siide door opening height (mm) 1,581 1,684 (RWD) / 1,780 (FWD)  
Rear door opening width (mm) 1,580       
Rear door opening height (mm) 1,627 1,724 (RWD) / 1,820 (FWD)      

Front-wheel drive (FWD) Renault Master load area dimensions

Front-wheel drive Masters offer higher payload ratings at 3.5-tonne (3.5t or 3,500kg) gross vehicle weight (GVW) and lower loading heights than rear-wheel drive versions.

But they also have lower ultimate load volume since the very largest bodysize is reserved for the rear-wheel drive platform only, which is also available at a 4.5-tonne GVW for heavier work.

These are the major front-wheel drive Renault Master load area dimensions:

Model Maximum load length (mm) Maximum load height (mm) Maximum load volume (cubic metres) Gross vehicle weight options (kg)
Renault Master FWD L1H1 2,583 1,700 8.0 2,800, 3,300, 3,500
Renault Master FWD L1H2 2,583 1,894 9.0 3,300, 3,500
Renault Master FWD L2H2 3,083 1,894 10.8 3,300, 3,500
Renault Master FWD L2H3 3,083 2,144 12.3 3,500
Renault Master FWD L3H2 3,733 1,894 13.0 3,500
Renault Master FWD L3H3 3,733 2,144 14.8 3,500

All FWD models have a maximum load width of 1,765mm and a width between the wheelarches of 1,380mm.

Rear-wheel drive (RWD) Renault Master load area dimensions:

Confusingly, although the RWD Master is also available in what’s described by Renault as Medium and Long wheelbase options, the RWD Medium body length is the same as the FWD Long, while the RWD Long is bigger still.

This difference is denoted in Renault’s official technical specifications by an additional L on the model name, as you’ll see from the load area dimension information below:

Model Maximum load length (mm) Maximum load height (mm) Maximum load volume (m cu) Gross vehicle weight options (kg)
Renault Master RWD L3H2 3,733 1,798 12.4 3,500, 4,500
Renault Master RWD L4H2 4,383 1,798 14.9 3,500, 4,500
Renault Master RWD L4H3 4,383 2,048 17.0 3,500, 4,500

All of the above info is for single-wheel rear axle variants.

A twin-wheel rear axle is also available on RWD Masters in both 3,500kg (3.5-tonne) and 4,500kg (4.5-tonne) gross vehicle weights – these versions are denoted by the letters TW in Renault’s model name information, and the distance between the wheelarches in the back drops to 1,080mm.

All 4.5t GWV Masters are twin-wheel models.

Factory conversions offer more space

Need even more load space? Then check out the box body conversions available directly from Renault, which offer up to 22.0 cubic metres of volume.

Other factory variants include Crew vans, Tippers, Dropsides, Platform Cabs and Chassis Cabs.

Renault Master payload, weight & towing

4.4 out of 5 4.4

The Renault Master's payload rating also varies between body sizes and drivetrain - with the heavier kerbweight of rear-wheel drive Masters having a significant impact.

Renault Master dimension, 2019 facelift model, load area seen through rear doors, orange

These are the maximum payload ratings for each major 3.5-tonne GVW panel van variant prior to the 2019 model update:

  • Renault Master FWD SL maximum payload: 1,607kg
  • Renault Master FWD SM maximum payload: 1,610kg
  • Renault Master FWD MM maximum payload: 1,529kg
  • Renault Master FWD MH maximum payload: 1,488kg
  • Renault Master FWD LM maximum payload: 1,485kg
  • Renault Master FWD LH maximum payload: 1,445kg
  • Renault Master RWD MML maximum payload: 1,219kg
  • Renault Master RWD LML maximum payload: 1,177kg
  • Renault Master RWD LHL maximum payload: 1,146kg

And these are the maximum payload ratings for Masters up to 3.5t after the 2019 update, which has a reduced range of models:

  • Renault Master FWD L1H1 maximum payload: 873kg
  • Renault Master FWD L1H2 maximum payload: 1,551kg
  • Renault Master FWD L2H2 maximum payload: 1,479kg
  • Renault Master FWD L2H3 maximum payload: 1,454kg
  • Renault Master FWD L3H2 maximum payload: 1,384kg
  • Renault Master FWD L3H3 maximum payload: 1,377kg
  • Renault Master RWD L4H2 maximum payload: 1,061kg
  • Renault Master RWD L4H3 maximum payload: 990kg

Note that those are maximum figures, and your actual legal payload will be reduced by the weight of fitted equipment and crew.

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Renault Master twin-wheel variants

Twin-wheel Masters are particularly suitable for heavy-duty use - such as if you’re routinely going to be pulling a trailer, for example.

The 4.5-tonne GVW models also enable payloads up to 2,158kg (2,061kg after the 2019 update) – just remember that regular car driving licence holders are restricted to 3.5-tonne GVW vehicles only.

Renault Master towing capacity

The maximum towing capacity for the Renault Master is 3,500kg, depending on variant.

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