Toyota Proace Electric dimensions (2021-on)

On this page you will find all the dimensions, payload and towing information for the Toyota Proace Electric, a medium-sized electric van.

If you want details of how it drives, the amount of standard equipment and whether it’s good value, check out our main Toyota Proace Electric review page.

Toyota Proace Electric capacity & size

3.5 out of 5 3.5

Toyota only sells the Proace Electric in a single body size, one it judges to be the most popular from the main Proace diesel range. You do still get a choice of two battery pack sizes, however, which does impact payload – as we’ll cover further down this page.

The load space is exactly the same dimensions as the diesel model with the same body, as the batteries are located under the floor. And like all Proace variants, you get twin sliding side doors as standard, plus centrally-split ‘barn door’ style rear doors that can be opened to 180 degrees to aid loading.

Toyota Proace Electric van - rear doors that open to 180 degrees, being loaded, silver

The Proace Electric has enough space inside for three Euro pallets, and the side doors are wide enough for one to pass through.

The load space is not lined as standard – this is one of the few options offered on the electric Proace – but does come with a full-height steel bulkhead that includes a ‘Smart Cargo’ load-through hatch and fold-up front passenger seat. This means the van can swallow long, thin items while still carrying two passengers. Full details of the cargo space available follows after the external dimensions, below.

Toyota Proace Electric exterior dimensions

The electric version is based on the Medium Proace body size – the middle of three options available to diesel Proace buyers. These are the outside dimensions:

  • Toyota Proace Electric length: 4,959mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric height: 1,890mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric width including door mirrors: 2,204mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric width excluding door mirrors: 1,920mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric rear door opening height: 1,220mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric rear door opening width: 1,282mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric side door opening height: 1,241mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric side door opening width: 935mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric wheelbase: 3,275mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric front overhang: 881mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric rear overhang: 803mm

Toyota Proace Electric load area dimensions

These are the internal dimensions of the Proace Electric’s cargo area:

  • Toyota Proace Electric maximum load length to bulkhead: 2,512mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric maximum load with Smart Cargo: 3,674mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric maximum load height: 1,397mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric maximum load width: 1,628mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric width between wheelarches: 1,258mm
  • Toyota Proace Electric cargo capacity volume main load area: 5.3 cubic metres
  • Toyota Proace Electric cargo capacity volume with Smart Cargo: 5.8 cubic metres

It is exactly the same size inside as the diesel alternative, as the batteries are located under the load floor

Toyota Proace Electric payload, weight & towing

4.5 out of 5 4.5

How much weight you can carry in the Proace Electric is severely impacted by the size of the battery pack.

But even if you opt for the larger, heavier 75kWh battery and its 205-mile official driving range, the Proace still has a payload rating of 1,000kg – which is good going for a medium-sized electric van.

Toyota Proace Electric van - payload, load area, cargo space, empty, silver

The smaller 50kWh battery increases Proace Electric payload to 1,226kg, however. If the 142-mile driving range this offers is enough that’s a payload increase of nearly 25%.

Unlike many older electric vans, the Proace is also rated to tow – up to 1,000kg with a braked trailer.

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