Volkswagen Crafter dimensions (2017-on)

On this page you'll find dimensions, payload and towing capacity details for the Volkswagen Crafter large van, which first went on sale in 2017.

For driving impressions, engine details, safety, security and trim level spec info see the main VW Crafter review page, by clicking here or on the tab above. 

VW Crafter variants

The Volkswagen Crafter comes in two wheelbases, three body lengths and three roof heights, and three gross vehicle weights (GVW) ranging from 3.0 tonnes to 5.0 tonnes.

(Remember, 3.5 tonnes - or 3.5t / 3,500kg - is the heaviest van GVW you can drive on a regular car licence.)

VW Crafter conversions

In addition to six basic variants of panel van, VW offers the Crafter as a multi-seater kombi and as open chassis cabs for conversions. Dropside and tipper conversions are available to order direct from the factory, too.

All UK Crafters are available with something called a 'customer-specific functional control unit' (CFCU), which means that even secondhand vans should be suitable for third-party conversions. Which is very thoughtful.

VW also offers a range of conversions direct from the factory, and an off-the-shelf Engineered To Go programme.

VW Crafter load area options

VW has a number of additional convenience features available for the load area, ranging from (very bright) integrated lighting to a Universal Load Floor designed to accept many existing types of racking - plus lashing rails for the floor, sides, ceiling and bulkhead that appear excellent quality and super adaptable.

You can also spec internal roof bars, not to mention a whole range of secondary battery systems, air-conditioning units and flexible power control modules.

Volkswagen Crafter capacity & size

4 out of 5 4.0

The VW Crafter comes in a choice of short-wheelbase (SWB) and long-wheelbase (LWB) variants, depending on which of the three body lengths you go for. These in turn dictate the available roof height – meaning that although there are three roof heights across the range, they’re not all available on every body length.

Confused? Well, don’t panic – we’ve got a full breakdown of the various Crafter exterior and interior load area dimensions right here on this page.

VW Crafter dimensions summary

Short-wheelbase (SWB) Crafters come only in the Medium 5,986mm body length (sometimes known as L3):

  • Maximum load length is 3,450mm
  • Roof height is either 2,355mm (Low) or 2,590mm (High)
  • Load volume is 9.9 cubic metres (Low) or 11.3 cubic metres (High)

Long-wheelbase (LWB) Crafters come with Long 6,836mm (L4) or Maxi / Long-Plus 7,391mm (L5) body lengths:

  • Maximum load length is 4,300mm (L4) or 4,855mm (L5)
  • Roof height is either 2,590mm (High) or 2,798mm (Super-High)
  • Load volume for the long L4 van is 14.4 cubic metres (High) or 16.1 cubic metres (Super-High)
  • Load volume for the long-plus L5 van is 16.4 cubic metres (High) or 18.4 cubic metres (Super-High)

All Crafters are 2,040mm wide (2,427mm with the door mirrors). Maximum load width on all versions is 1,832mm, with 1,380mm between the rear wheelarches.

The smallest version has enough floor space for four Euro pallets, and the long model can swallow six.

VW Crafter door opening details

The rear doors open up to 270 degrees as standard on Trendline (and Highline while it was available; it was discontinued at the start of 2019), but only 180 degrees on the Startline.

VW Crafter dimensions - side view with door open

The side door has a massive 1,311mm opening. So large it can be difficult to shut cleanly at the first attempt.

Front-wheel drive VW Crafters have the largest load area

A new rear axle design for front-wheel drive (FWD) models puts the load floor 100mm lower than rear-wheel drive (RWD) and 4Motion four-wheel drive (4WD) models.

This gives the FWD Crafter a nominal rear sill height of 570mm, reducing the step-in height for the operators accessing the load area.

What are the VW Crafter's exterior dimensions?

These are the full exterior dimensions of the Volkswagen Crafter panel van:

VW Crafter size Medium body, Low roof Medium body, High roof Long body, High roof Long body, Super-High roof Maxi Long-Plus body, High roof Maxi Long-Plus body, Super-High roof
Exterior length (mm) 5,986 5,986  6,836 6,836 7,391 7,391
Exterior height (mm) 2,355 2,590 2,590 2,798 2,590 2,798
Exterior width with mirrors (mm) 2,427 2,427 2,427 2,427 2,427 2,427
Exterior width without mirrors (mm) 2,040 2,040 2,040 2,040 2,040 2,040
Wheelbase (mm) 3,640 3,640 4,490 4,490 4,490 4,490
Side door opening width (mm) 1,311 1,311 1,311 1,311 1,311 1,311
Side door opening height (mm) 1,587 1,722 1,722 1,822 1,722 1,822
Rear door opening width (mm) 1,522 1,522 1,522 1,522 1,522 1,522
Rear door opening height (mm) 1,605 1,740 1,740 1,840 1,740 1,840

What are the VW Crafter's load area dimensions?

These are the full load area dimensions and capacity details for the Volkswagen Crafter panel van:

VW Crafter size Medium body, Low roof Medium body, High roof Long body, High roof Long body, Super-High roof Maxi Long-Plus body, High roof Maxi Long-Plus body, Super-High roof
Maximum load length (mm) 3,450 3,450 4,300 4,300 4,855 4,855
Minimum load length (mm) 3,201 3,201 4,051 4,051 4,606 4,606
Maximum load height FWD (mm) 1,726 1,861 1,961 2,189 1,961 2,196
Maximum load height RWD/4WD (mm) 1,626 1,761 1,861 2,089 1,861 2,096
Maximum load width (mm) 1,832 1,832 1,832 1,832 1,832 1,832
Width between wheelarches (mm) 1,380 1,380 1,380 1,380 1,380 1,380
Load volume FWD (cubic metres) 9.9 10.7 14.4 16.1 16.4 18.4
Load volume RWD/4WD (cubic metres) 9.3 10.1 13.6 15.3 15.5 17.5


Note: rear-wheel drive and 4Motion four-wheel drive Crafters have 100mm less internal load height due to space being needed for the rear differential.

Volkswagen Crafter payload, weight & towing

4 out of 5 4.0

The VW Crafter panel van has three gross vehicle weight (GVW) options:

  • CR30 models = 3.0 tonnes / 3.0t / 3,000kg
  • CR35 models = 3.5 tonnes / 3.5t / 3,500kg
  • CR50 models = 5.0 tonnes / 5.0t / 5,000kg

The GVW is the total maximum weight of the vehicle and everything on board - including the people - and as such also dictates the maximum payload of every variant.

If you've got a standard UK car driving licence, the highest GVW you can legally drive is 3.5 tonnes.

The CR50 5.0-tonne Crafters are rear-wheel drive only.

What is the payload capacity of the VW Crafter?

Volkswagen gives extremely detailed payload infomation for the Crafter, covering not only the different body lengths and engine options but also the difference between trim levels.

However, it only lists the details for vans with the High roof height, which is the standard fitment (you pay extra for the Super-High roof and less for the Low roof, where they're offered).

VW Crafter payload info, rear view, doors open, blue

VW also includes 75kg to account for the weight of the driver within the quoted unladen kerb-weight - which is worth noting when comparing the Crafter's payload ratings to rivals that don't do this.

Some quick maths on our part suggests that the 102hp front-wheel drive Medium length CR35 model has a max payload (without that 75kg driver) of 1,376kg in basic Startline spec, which is the best you can expect without dropping to the Low roof.

You can have this model completely stripped out by VW, which boosts the available payload to 1,531kg.

Front-wheel drive Crafters are the lightest, and therefore have the highest payload ratings. Rear-wheel drive models weigh about 100kg more, four-wheel drive versions 150kg more, and thus lose those amounts from their payload ratings.

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What is the towing capacity of the VW Crafter?

Every Volkswagen Crafter can tow 750kg unbraked.

Front-wheel drive Crafters are largely rated to tow 3,000kg (3.0 tonnes) braked - though the 102hp engine is (sensibly) limited to 2,500kg.(2.5 tonnes).

Rear-wheel drive Crafters are largely rated to tow 3,500kg - although the 140hp engine is limited to 3,000kg.

Four-wheel drive 4Motion Crafters are all rated to tow 3,000kg.

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What is Trailer Assist on the VW Crafter?

VW offers a clever Trailer Assist system that makes mincemeat out of reversing with a trailer attached; you point the Crafter in the direction you want to go using the electric mirror adjustment knob (seriously), and the van takes care of sorting out the steering angles to get the trailer there. Impressive stuff.

Here's a quick video of it working (borrowed from the Swedish VW Commercial Vehicles YouTube channel):