Parkers overall rating: 3.4 out of 5 3.4
  • Equipment list shows many high-end features
  • In reality it doesn’t all work as well as it could
  • Driving position easy to find but some controls are odd

While the Crossland X’s interior features a neat design, poke around a bit and it immediately becomes clear that this is a car built to a budget. The plastics aren’t particularly nice and some of the driving controls feel very cheap indeed. For example, the bizarrely-shaped handbrake lever is in a position that makes it very hard to use with the large armrest fitted to high-spec cars – especially so because the button to release it is on top, so some pretty special contortions of your left arm are required.

We found fault with the car’s infotainment system too. The touchscreen isn’t anywhere near as responsive as the Astra’s, meaning simple tasks – such as programming the sat-nav – are often needlessly frustrating. 

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality is included as standard, however, which is a nice touch. It’s just a shame that when testing the former we experienced a few ‘crashes’ of the system, having to resort back to the car’s built-in nav instead. When they work, however, they’re notably simpler to use than Vauxhall’s navigation system, so fingers crossed the glitches will be ironed out.

Is the Vauxhall Crossland X comfortable?

  • Reasonable ride comfort most of the time
  • Disconcerting amount of lean in corners
  • Optional sports are worth specifying

In the main we were impressed with comfort levels in the Crossland X, but there’s one problem that could cause issues: the suspension set-up is configured so the ride is fairly compliant, but because of the tall ride height the car tends to lean disconcertingly when cornering.

We also experienced a bumpier ride than we’d expect over poor road surfaces, but in normal conditions this isn’t an issue. There’s pronounced road noise at motorway speeds, exacerbated by the fitment of the larger 17-inch wheels on high-spec cars, but the engines aren’t too vocal and wind noise doesn’t pose much of a problem.

Meanwhile, the steering wheel adjusts for rake and reach, unlike many protagonists in this sector, which coupled with highly adjustable seats makes it easy to find a good driving position. Heating for the front seats and steering wheel are available as optional extras, too.