Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Apart from the cosmetic VXR changes the driving position is pretty much standard Zafira, which means a decent car-like driving position, reach and height adjustable steering wheel plus a gearstick sited conveniently on the dashboard. However, the thick windscreen pillars hamper the view out at junctions. The dash layout isn't great either with a rather fussy and button-heavy centre console plus some of the plastics are shiny and look cheap.

On the plus side, the sports seats are snug and supportive.

The high-performance version of the last Zafira always rode more comfortably with at least four people on board and the same is true of the Zafira VXR. It's a little skittish over bumpy roads when pressing on with driver and one passenger on board, but is more settled when carrying extra weight. Thankfully it's as spacious as the standard Zafira and due to the tall shape, there's plenty of headroom for all passengers, however the third row of seats is fairly cramped and only really suitable for children.

The VXR does however get sports seats with side bolsters which give good support, especially noticeable during enthusiastic cornering or on long motorway journeys.