Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
  • Great range of quality materials
  • Comfortable driving position
  • Well positioned controls and buttons

The driver is definitely the best seat in the house in a Passat estate and it’s no different in an Alltrack.

There has been a definite shift upwards in the quality of the materials in the cabin, especially in one of our cars which came with a wood trim across the dashboard.

A high door line and centre tunnel give you a feeling of being hemmed it, but there is enough space all around avoid feeling claustrophobic.

An Active Info Display takes the form of a 12.3-inch screen instead of using analogue speedo and rev counter. It’s very clear and constrasty and the needles are animated to move in a natural way so it’s an easy thing to get used to.

  • Not a million miles from the standard Passat estate
  • Loads of room inside and a plush ride
  • Ergo Comfort seats continue to impress

Unsurprisingly Volkswagen Passat Alltrack comfort is very close to the standard estate car; that is to say it’s extremely comfortable.

The ‘Ergo Comfort’ seats we tested were like armchairs and could be adjusted to fit a range of drivers.

There was also very little in the way of wind or tyre noise and if you choose the Dynamic Chassis Control adaptive suspension you can pick between a range of comfortable and sporty chassis settings.

Three-zone climate control means rear seat passengers can set the temperature just so, and there’s plenty of space for them too