Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Clean, well laid-out cabin
  • Lots of useful tech available
  • Material quality cheapens feel

Jump into the VW T-Roc and you’re greeted by a bright, contemporary interior. It’s instantly recognisable as a Volkswagen too, thanks to the same steering wheel used elsewhere in the brand’s range, plus the same climate controls and switchgear.

However, thanks to the added colour on many models, it somehow feels like a more cheerful proposition than a lot of Volkswagen’s other car. The dashboard is angled towards the driver, making them feel cocooned inside, while the optional interior customisation choices add an extra layer of appeal.

Given the price point of the T-Roc, we think the quality of the plastics used should feel more expensive, like those in a Golf, where there's plenty of tactil delight and squidgy mouldings. Instead, it feels more like a Polo - robust, well assembled, but with lashings of hard materials.

Go to town with the options list and you’ll be surprised what your T-Roc can do. We’d specify the Active Info Display in a heartbeat – the display is pin-sharp and means you can have a range of different display formats and graphics right below your eye line; even the full map system. The infotainment screen is pin-sharp, too, and features loads of connectivity options.

Is the T-Roc comfy?

  • Quiet cabin when driving
  • Supportive seats with lots of adjustment
  • Avoid larger wheels for greater comfort

All in all, the T-Roc is a comfortable car to be in. The seats look and feel a little flat to sit on, and could do with a little more side bolstering, but there’s great adjustment and generous lumbar support. Heated seats are available to keep you warm during the chilly winter periods, and you can choose from cloth or leather upholstery in a range of different colours and patterns.

We experienced fewer complaints with the more heavily bolstered seats on the T-Roc, which hold you in place securely without ever feeling like you're being gripped too tightly.

The overall driving position is exactly what you’d expect from a small SUV. You sit higher than a conventional hatchback, offering more visibility, and the steering wheel has plenty of reach and angle adjustment. Most drivers will be able to feel at home in a T-Roc quickly.

It's no great surprise that the ride quality is very similar to a Golf; well-damped but can get unsettled if you spec the larger wheel options. Sharper road imperfections are rounded off by the suspension, though, so they don’t feel as abrupt as you'd expect when you drive over them.

Wind noise is minimal, so if you couple that with the quieter TSI petrol engines there’s hardly any noise on the move at all. The diesels sound a little gruffer, which increases the engine noise inside the cabin, but it’s not deafening.