Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

Should you buy a Volkswagen Tiguan?

With such a huge amount of competition from all angles, the VW Tiguan asserts itself with a mature driving experience, a high-quality, practical interior and plenty of badge appeal. We think it's a sound buy, especially now that the facelifted model has added yet another layer of polish along with new engine options.

It’s not the most exciting car to look at, sit in or drive, but it’s such a well-rounded family SUV that it has to be on your shopping list if it doesn’t go out of your budget. It’s more expensive than many similar-sized rivals - such as the SEAT Ateca, Ford Kuga and Skoda Karoq - but it should be a trouble-free car to own that deals with family life very well indeed.

As we mentioned, our preferred choice of powertrain would be either of the 150hp units - the petrol or the diesel. Both are smooth, punchy, refined and economical, and though it's possible to specify a Tiguan with far more powerful engines we don't think it's at all necessary.

There's certainly nothing wrong with a two-wheel drive Tiguan, or a manual gearbox, but many will opt for all-wheel drive and a DSG automatic. That's no bad thing, though - neither of these impacts fuel economy too heavily, and they're both well-proven mechanically. Volkswagen's dual-clutch gearbox isn't our favourite automatic on the market, but it works reasonably well in the Tiguan, offering quick changes when requested and smooth ones when driving in a more relaxed fashion. 

As performance SUVs go, the Tiguan R makes a very good case for itself - though our minds may change when Volkswagen reveals final pricing. The same goes for the eHybrid model, which is a very well-rounded plug-in hybrid SUV.

As for specification, every Tiguan comes with the essential equipment you'd want in a family car, but it can prove quite good value to move up the range. Many Tiguans are sold in swish R-Line Tech trim, which brings with it a sporty-looking makeover that really helps the Tiguan to stand out. As usual, though, if you want the very latest technology, you'll have to pay for it, and top-spec Tiguans bring truly premium rivals such as the BMW X1 or Audi Q3 into their sights.

The Tiguan isn't the biggest, best-value or best-driving SUV on the market, but as a jack-of-all-trades it's very difficult to match. We think it's a really good SUV.

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