Volvo V50: No trip computer

How many miles to empty?

I was surprised to find my Volvo V50 doesn't come with a trip computer as standard.

Of course you don't need a trip computer to work out the car's fuel consumption, and in any case they are not always accurate.

However, I believe they play a role in encouraging owners to drive more frugally.

For example, setting yourself a target to achieve 50mpg when the official average fuel consumption figure may be 48mpg ensures you make the most of every drop of diesel.

Also, so far I've not been able to drive much more than 400 miles on a tank of diesel, which doesn't sound very impressive. About 500 miles should be comfortably achievable in a car like this if driven according to the official fuel consumption figure.

But without a trip computer I can't see whether or not I'm doing this on the move.

It's included in what Volvo calls an 'information pack' and at the time of writing costs £190. According to Volvo's own website the feature helps you 'drive more economically'. But it seems you have to pay extra for this assistance.

Not having a trip computer isn't a dealbreaker, and 20 years ago very few cars would have been available with one, but only when you've become used to using one and then go without do you realise how much you depended on it.

Current mileage: 2237

Average mpg: 43.2