Back pain cured

Volvos are well known for the comfort offered by their seats, almost as much as for their reputation for safety.

Although I was aware of this, I imagined that because the V50 is more compact than the larger Volvos, there would be some compromise compared with cars like the S60, V70, S80 and the XC models.

For various reasons over the last few weeks, I've been driving quite a few cars other than the V50, and a combination of bad posture at work/home has resulted in a few twinges and getting up off the sofa has turned into a more delicate exercise.

I'm not medically qualified, so please don't take this as advice, but after a few hours back in the Volvo, the pain has gone.

This is even with the sporty looking R Design seats which seem very different from the sumptuous armchairs fitted to larger Volvos.

I suppose it's a tricky job making a driver's seat so that there are no ill effects from a long journey, but not so comfy that you'd want to fall asleep in it.

But anyway, I'm grateful Volvo pays it such attention and I'm sure my back is too.

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Average mpg: 46.1mpg