Volvo V50: Washed up

Previously I wrote about the V50's appetite for screenwash, partly because of the headlamp wash which has been specified as part of the winter pack.

It appears there is a certain method to the system Volvo uses - as has been pointed out to me by the company's very efficient public relations department, and explained in the car's handbook.

Volvo owners will be aware that the cars have daytime running lights, which means the headlamps are on when the setting is in the off position. They come on with the car's ignition and go off when the car is switched off.

When the headlamp switch is in this position, the lights are washed every fifth time the windscreen is washed.

However, when the headlamp switch is in the 'on' position - which it should be for night-time driving - then the lights are washed the first time the screen is washed and every fifth wash during the next 10 minutes.

But if more than 10 minutes elapses between screen wash being selected, then the headlamps get blasted each time.

So it doesn't change the fact that the screenwash needs regular refilling, but helpfully, the dashboard information display is keen to alert the driver to the problem long before the fluid runs out.

Current mileage: 5568

Average mpg: 44.8