Volvo V50: Drink problem

Thirst is not something I thought I'd be discussing in one of my updates on the Volvo V50, but this isn't a thirst for fuel.

The V50 has been achieving a genuine 45mpg during the last 4000 or so miles, and that's something I've been very happy with.

However, almost as frequently as the low fuel warning light illuminates, a message appears requesting that the screenwash bottle is refilled.

This in itself isn't unusual, but the frequency is a little surprising. This V50 is fitted with a 'winter pack', and as a stand alone pack at the time of registration of this car cost £325.

It comprises thicker floor mats, heated front seats and headlamp wash, and it's the latter that has increased the V50's appetite for screenwash.

Every time the windscreen is washed, the headlamps are also given two bursts of spray.

This is in no way a criticism of the car, but along with cleaning the BLIS cameras (see How To . . .), joins the list of routine checks that drivers should be making at least a couple of times a month.

Given the Volvo's arrival towards the end of the UK's snowiest winter in 20 years, the heated front seats have been much appreciated and selecting the winter pack when ordering a Volvo - particularly one with leather seats - is something I would recommend.

Current mileage: 5249

Average mpg: 44.8mpg