Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

Should you buy an Alfa Romeo Giulia?

Alfa Romeo has built a fabulous executive saloon. In diesel and petrol forms, it looks good, drives superbly, and should prove economical to run. Considering the strength of its rivals, this is quite an achievement. While the German opposition is certainly more polished in terms of interior material quality and infotainment tech on offer, but the Alfa more than makes up for it with the way it drives, and ultimately the way it looks. Plus, cars from 2020 are much improved in the interior department, and offer a now competitive level of driver assistance.

Despite the fast steering and uncanny ability to resist bodyroll, the Giulia rides nicely even on broken and potholed UK roads, and that's whether you get a mainstream model or the significantly more focussed Quadrifoglio. While we're on the subject, it's hard not to love Alfa's super saloon (even if it is hard to spell) – it drives superbly, sounds brilliant and looks great compared with its most immediate German rivals. Aside from a few interior niggles, a slightly dated-feeling infotainment system and the less-than-perfect image of its dealer network, this is a car that really stacks up.

We can think of few four-door saloons we'd rather take on a cross continental adventure or even for a spin on some local roads. There's just something about the intoxicating noise and power delivery, plus the fact that every time you visit a petrol station you'll find other motorists fawning over the supercar looks. Luckily there's plenty of that charm further down the range, whether you choose one of the firey petrols or efficient diesel engines - plus those excellent full-sized shift paddles are available not just in the top model, but in your company car too.

At the moment, it gets a thumbs up from us – an Alfa Romeo you can buy with your head, as well as your heart, as long as the long-term reliability holds out. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia (2020) rear view