Audi A1: A plush place to be

Little car outside, big car inside

While it normally takes some time for us to get used to the surroundings of our long-termers and the little nuances that make them either great or terrible, step inside A1 and you're immediately struck by the quality and premium feel of everything on offer.

From the materials that finish the dashboard and inside of the doors to the feel of the dials and even the satisfying clicking of the air-con dials, gives the impression that the interior of this supermini is from a much bigger, more premium car. In fact it feels like the class of something like the A4 or A5 has filtered down the line to this model.  

Of course all this added flair does come at a price and those lovely looking faux-aluminium vent surrounds are an extra £100 when you tick the options box, while that centre armrest will set you back £125 - to be honest because of the limited cabin room I don't really use it and find it just gets in the way.

Pricey but worth it

So some of the extras on the car are probably a bit too much and not really necessary. However, there are a couple of pricey extras that within the first few weeks have become vital in making my journeys more comfortable and enjoyable.

The technology package may be a steep £1,375 but if you have that to spare it's well worth splashing out. Most of the time I'd suggest just buying a portable sat nav for around £120 and this would suffice. It's not just the sat nav that impresses though. While this is a very good system, the Audi Music Interface is even more impressive, making it incredibly easy to play music off your iPhone and the ability to copy music on to the cars hard drive so you don't have to have CDs rattling around the cabin.

Being a big music fan and having such an intuitive and easy-to-use system is brilliant. But that's not all. The BOSE surround sound system is incredibly good, while DAB digital radio means I can listen to BBC 6 Music and the Wimbledon tennis coverage on 5 Live has been lovely and clear rather than the usual AM crackles.

Current mileage: 667

Average mpg: 33.5

Who'd have thought an air-con dial could bring so much joy.

BOSE speakers are brilliant, good for some loud Arcade Fire.