Audi A3 S Line: should you choose this trim?


  • Audi A3 S Line is most popular trim
  • Generous equipment levels
  • Sporty design and look
  • Buyers love them - easy to sell on


  • Not the cheapest spec to buy new
  • Sports suspension can harm comfort
Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2


The Audi A3 S Line is the brand’s most popular trim level in the A3 range – it’s available on every model from the bestselling A3 Sportback five-door to the three-door A3 Hatchback; from the four-door A3 Saloon to the open-air A3 Cabriolet.

Audi reports that the S Line makes up more than 40% of sales in the UK, so you’re highly likely to encounter an A3 S Line in both new and used car showrooms.

It adds a more sporting edge to the Audi A3, with a smattering of stylistic and equipment upgrades to justify the price premium. 

You will find Audi A3 S Line TDI diesel, TFSI petrol, manual, automatic and S Line Quattro editions – so it is available across most combinations of bodystyle, engine and transmission.

What is Audi S Line?

Simply put, it is a trim line. Think of it as Audi’s answer to BMW’s M Sport trim or Mercedes’ AMG Line (although it pre-dates both) – it’s near the top of the pecking order for streetside posing.

It is one of seven specs available on the Audi A3 range: SE, SE Technik, Sport, S Line, Black Edition, S3 and RS 3, in ascending price order.

Audi A3 S Line specs

Because of its sporting bias, the Audi A3 S Line alloy wheels are larger for extra grip through corners – and showing off. It also comes with sports suspension as standard, lowering the ride height by 15mm and adding stiffer springs and recalibrated dampers for sharper handling through corners.

However, in response to complaints from British owners upset by the occasionally bumpy ride quality, it is now possible to deselect the sport suspension option from Audi A3 S Line UK cars. 

We would therefore recommend you try driving your chosen Audi model with and without the sports suspension before choosing which suits your driving needs better.

Audi S Line specs

Click here for our full Parkers Audi S Line accessories and specs guide. Our equipment pages will let you see a detailed listing of exactly what you get on your A3 S Line Hatchback, Sportback, Saloon or Cabriolet. 

Audi A3 S Line DSG automatic

Highlights include upgraded LED lights, body styling kits including bespoke Audi A3 S Line bumpers and side skirts, as well as radiator grille detailing and diffuser add-ons. The Audi A3 S Line interior is a comfy place to spend time behind the S Line steering wheel.

Look out also for the badging on the wings, the standard-fit sports seats and brushed aluminium inserts in the cabin.

Audi A3 S Line for sale

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Popular models include the Audi A3 S Line 1.4 TFSI, Audi A3 S Line 1.8 TFSI and Audi A3 S Line 2.0 TDI.

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