Audi A3 Sportback: Comparions

Technology changes quickly

My stint in this Audi A3 Sportback has come to an end, and before it goes back, I've been wondering how different the car would be if a customer was buying one new.

The A3 range was revised in 2008 with several new engines introduced and an energy recuperation system, while early in 2010 many models become available with Audi's Start-Stop system which cuts the engine automatically when stopped in traffic and restarts is again instantaneously when needed.

This combination reduces the CO2 emissions of the A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI to 115g/km from 143g/km. This would reduce annual road tax from £125 a year during 2009 and 2010 to £35 a year, and £20 a year from April 2010.

Fuel consumption is also improved from 51mpg to 64mpg using the new technology.

Other features available with the new A3 include an integrated Bluetooth system, auxiliary input socket (standard), parallel parking assist and Audi Magnetic ride - all were unavailable on the model I've been driving.

The equivalent model in the current range isn't a great deal more expensive than this model was in 2006, which isn't bad considering the less favourable exchange rate with the Euro during 2009.

And customers have far greater choice in the useful technology they are able to choose as options.

The good news is that these cars will have their place on the market three years down the line as my 06-plate A3 does now.

Current mileage: 40,741

Average mpg: 52.1mpg