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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • High quality interior feels modern and techy
  • Simplicity to all the controls makes it user-friendly
  • Wealth of on-board technology available

Audi A4 Allroad interior

Inside the Allroad, the interior benefits from the suite of changes made for the car’s 2019 facelift, retaining the same solid interior with a high-quality feel and plenty of technology available.

Standard-fit Virtual Cockpit gives the instrument panel a techy look – but it’s also very easy to use and read – while a 10.1-inch touchscreen sits perched on the dashboard. It’s easy to operate on the move because it’s located quite close to the steering wheel, which is especially useful as the old rotary dial for the MMI infotainment system has gone.

It’s also a good thing it’s a simple system to use. The screen can look quite dark at times, but menus are simple to navigate, and it isn’t quite as much of a maze of menus and submenus like you’ll find in BMW’s system. However, it’s not quite the same system found in more expensive Audis where you can physically ‘click’ the screen with haptic feedback to select things.

Everywhere else inside the A4 there’s a feeling quality and solidity. The heating controls are nicely detailed with touch-sensitive controls and a crisp screen, while the materials used for the seats and door cards give the Allroad a premium feel without being too flashy.

It’s also very easy to get comfortable with plenty of adjustment in the seats, and the driving position is excellent. Plus, the slightly raised ride height makes it just a little easier to get in and out of the car.

Is it comfortable?

  • Superb ride comfort, particularly with adaptive suspension
  • Optional double glazing and excellent aerodynamics reduce noise
  • Good amount of interior space with comfortable seats

2019 A4 Allroad front seats

The Allroad is – in theory – the most comfortable and relaxing version of the A4 range. Its raise in ride height means there’s more suspension travel over the regular car, and with adaptive suspension fitted, it’s a very serene ride as long as you don’t spec the car with large 19-inch alloy wheels.

With standard suspension it can feel a little fidgety over rough surfaces, like most A4 models, but overall it’s composed and contributes to a relaxed feel overall.

Helping to promote this feel are seats that offer a wide range of adjustment, as well as good levels of comfort and support. This helps make long journeys much easier to undertake, while the refinement levels of the Allroad are very impressive. The engines are barely audible, while road and wind noise are kept to a minimum thanks to plenty of sound insulation and the availability of double glazing.