Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

Should you buy an Audi E-Tron GT?

It’s a brave but not unsurprising move to position this car as a Grand Tourer – the Porsche Taycan with which it shares its mechnicals is a much sportier offering after all, and an Audi car promising much of the same would not have sat comfortably in the range.

Really though it makes perfect sense. We’ve been saying for a while now that luxury cars are a natural fit for a plug-in hybrid or electric drivetrain, purely because of the silent running and effortless pace associated with battery power.

Like the Taycan, the E-Tron GT stands out as an electric car that offers something different to a largely SUV and hatchback dominated space. And as such it goes from being just another electric offering to something truly convincing as a package.

Of the two models we think the lower-powered E-Tron GT Quattro is the best all-rounder, with more potential miles per charge, smaller pricetag and enhanced comfort levels over the sportier RS.

That car is not one to necessarily avoid though. While not as sharp or devastatingly quick at cornering across country, it does offer a softer alternative to the Porsche Taycan without compromising on ballistic pace. We think it looks better, too.

Which ever car you pick, there’s a good amount of space for four or a luxurious capacity to swiftly transport two. The 405-litre boot’s a good size and there’s an additional 81 litres up front where the engine would normally go, while the back seats are good enough for adults and even better at providing additional luggage space.

Tech is plentiful, as you’d expect, but there’s nothing in the cabin to put off prospective EV buyers who have driven a lifetime of combustion-powered cars. Really, that’s what we’d expect from Audi. Here it has done as good a job easing its customers in to plug power as the R8 does for first time supercar owners.

If you’ve driven an A3, nothing about the E-Tron GT will put you off. And it’s up to you whether that’s a good thing or not.

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