Audi increases prices by 2%

  • Currency exchange rates blamed for rise
  • Audi says it will add extra equipment to appease buyers
  • A3 range starts from £16,085, A4 starts at £21,735 

Audi has confirmed that it will increase prices by 2% across its range. The German car maker has blamed this price increase on currency exchange rates but will offset the rise with enhanced equipment levels in a number of models.

The TT range gets an exterior refresh for the 2011 Model Year and it features a new and more efficient Turbo FSI petrol engine. Audi has also added a start/stop system for four-cylinder models on the Q5 range and there are more frugal petrol and diesel engines available on the Q7 range and a new eight-speed tiptronic transmission.

Customers currently ordering new models will be protected from the price rise because the 2% increase will not kick in until May 25.

The three-door A3 and five-door A3 Sportback hatchbacks are subject to an increase of 1.9%. The A3 range starts from £16,085 while the A4 saloon will be priced from £21,735 because there is a 2.4% rise on this model.

The A6 saloon gets a 2% increase with prices starting from £26,380 and the A5 Coupe rises by 2.5% with pricing starting at £25,325.

Prices for the Q5 and Q7 have risen by 2% and 0.6%: this means prices start from £27,410 and £40,135 respectively.

The TT Coupe and Roadster have also had a price hike. Both have had 0.9% added to their starting price with the Coupe from £26,475 and the Roadster from £24,690.

The flagship R8 V8 and V10 increased by by 3%. This gives the supercar a starting price of £85,100. Recently announced prices for the A1 hatchback, the R8 Spyder, the RS 5 Coupe and the A8 remain as before.