Chevrolet: scrappage 'party' goes on

  • Customers can still get £2,000 off new Chevrolet
  • Manufacturer extends dates to include six-year-old cars
  • Trade-in can't be used on small Chevrolet models

With the £2,000 government discount finished, Chevrolet has set up its own 'swappage' scheme for new car buyers.

Chevrolet customers can get £2,000 off a new Chevrolet when they trade in a car between six and ten years old.

Dubbed the 'switch and save' scheme, it will run until the end of June. It means buyers will get at least £2,000 off a new Chevrolet while bigger discounts could be offered on selected models.

Customers opting for a new Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 LS will pay just £11,395, for example. The offer is available to anyone who has owned their old car prior to January 1, 2010. However, the scheme doesn't include the smaller models like the Spark and Matiz.

Chevrolet isn't the only car maker to introduce its own discount after the scrappage scheme with Nissan extending its own promotion as well as Skoda also introducing a £2,000 swappage incentive

The promotion will only be available at participating dealerships.