Election 2010: the regional parties

  • We outline the motoring and transport policies of all the regional parties
  • Plaid Cymru, SNP, Northern Irish parties and English Democrats included
  • Tolls for foreign, free travel on public transport among the more radical policies 

Election 2010 - Regional battles

In this, the second part of our Election 2010 Special, we take a look at the regional parties' manifesto to see what they have planned for the UK motorist. Check out our comprehensive guide:


Plaid Cymru

  • Oppose motorway through the Gwent levels but support upgrade of key north-south road links in Wales



  • Regulate fuel prices, so that if oil prices go up, fuel duty is frozen and any increased VAT revenue is recycled into an equivalent cut in fuel duty
  • Emphasise party's commitment to improving Scottish roads, as demonstrated by SNP government's investment in the M74, the M80, M8 and A9, and the replacement Forth Crossing


  • Free travel for all on Scottish public transport



  • Increase the funding directed to public transport


  • Support more investment in Northern Ireland's roads and railway network
  • Reform planning process to streamline infrastructure projects

Green Party

  • Shift investment from private transport to public transport
  • Introduce ticketing system that will allow passengers to use one ticket for multiple modes of transport


  • Increase investment in public transport and road improvements
  • Promote cross-border cooperation with the Republic of Ireland on transport projects

Sinn Fein

  • Highlight record of Sinn Fein Regional Development Minister in increasing passenger journeys through continued investment in public transport
  • Focus on identifying the needs of users and on service performance in public transport


  • Reject plan to build a system of roads to link Northern Ireland with 'the economically ravaged' Republic of Ireland
  • Give a single 'super-council' at Stormont control of roads policy


  • Improve Northern Irelands roads and consider extending rail network into western Northern Ireland
  • Support development of a rapid transport system in Belfast


English Democrats

  • Provide resources to create an integrated transport infrastructure
  • Expand local involvement in transport planning
  • Introduce a toll for all foreign vehicles