Final scrappage orders still to come

  • Scrappage registrations total 395,500 up to end of March
  • Up to 4,500 customers still waiting on cash-for-scrap orders
  • Governing body claims scheme helped lower C02 emissions

The number of new vehicles registered under the scrappage has totalled 395,500 up to the end of March.

This means there are still up to 4,500 customers waiting for their new cars under the plans. With the incentive ending in March, these buyers could still be waiting up to July for their cars.

Out of the 395,500 vehicles registered, 388,540 of these were cars and 6,959 were commercial vehicles. With just a small number of scrappage registrations left to be delivered, the industry faces a large downturn in sales.

From May 2009 up until the end of the plans in March, cars registered through the scrappage bonus have 18% of all new cars sales. It is anticipated that new car sales could fall to the lows of early 2009 now scrappage has come to an end.

In a bid to make up for lost sales Volvo, Nissan, SEAT and Skoda have introduced their own 'swappage' schemes.

As well as helping to boost the number of cars sold in the UK, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) say the government-backed scheme helped to reduce emissions.

According to the SMMT cars registered through the scheme had an average of 132g/km of CO2 compared to 182g/km of the old cars used to trade for the discount.