Ford launches eco driving scheme

  • Ford's 'Econo' scheme includes driver training and checks
  • Data logger fitted in car to monitor efficiency
  • Potential savings of up to 25% on fuel

Ford is offering inspections and training to help its customers get the maximum fuel economy out of their cars. 

For £29.99 a Ford technician inspects the vehicle to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible and then a small data logger that monitors the car over a seven-day period is fitted.

Then it is removed and a report highlighting the areas where reductions in fuel consumption can be made is given to the owner.  

Owners can also take 90-minute one-one-one driving course for £79.99. During the course drivers will be taught how to drive in a way that will yield maximum fuel economy. 

The course, limited to manual petrol and diesel cars built after 1998, has been set up in association with driving instruction agency AA DriveTech and Ford says it can reduce fuel bills by up to 25%.