Motorists cut servicing to save cash

  • Survey shows 25% of motorists have stopped servicing cars
  • Experts warn cutting servicing to save money is false economy
  • Keep an eye out tomorrow to find out what happens if you do

A survey by Parker's has shown that almost a quarter of motorists have stopped servicing their cars in order to save cash.

In our poll 23% of people responded say they have stopped servicing cars in light of tougher economic times.

The average cost of a service for a car in the UK is currently around £360 including an air conditioning refresh, according to data from the AA.

Many motorists believe that if a car can pass an MOT it is completely safe to drive, but that isn't the case.

The MOT only covers the most basic of factors with regards to car maintenance and experts advise you should keep up with regular servicing schedules to avoid major failures or large bills when the MOT is next due.

Rory Carlin, marketing director of Halfords Autocentre (formerly Nationwide Autocentre), explains: "It's a false economy. Our own figures show that the cost of rectifying faults leading to an MOT failure are increasing, and indeed, many motorists can end up spending more than they would if they'd stayed on top of routine servicing schedules in the first place.

He adds: "This hidden cost is compounded by the fact that a poorly maintained car will not be running efficiently, burning more fuel and costing more at the pumps."