Motorists scrimp on servicing

  • Service centre reports motorists stretching out service intervals
  • MOT failure rates have risen by 12% in four years, 37% now fail
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Motorists are reducing car running costs by scrimping on servicing, says a national service centre chain.

Rory Carlin, marketing director of Halfords Autocentre (formerly Nationwide Autocentre), says: "There is some evidence that motorists are looking to stretch the period of time between services."

He added: "I do think it's fair to say a significant proportion of motorists are pushing the time between visits with the hope of saving a few pounds. But it is a risky strategy. MOT failure rates have increased 12% over the past four years, meaning that 37% of all cars tested currently fail - a record high.

"It's a false economy situation. Our own figures show that the cost of rectifying faults leading to an MOT failure are increasing, and indeed, many motorists can end up spending more than they would if they'd stayed on top of routine servicing schedules in the first place. This hidden cost is compounded by the fact that a poorly maintained car will not be running efficiently, burning more fuel and costing more at the pumps."