Parker's readers vote for Tories

  • Conservatives score 48% in Parker's election poll
  • Tories' fuel stabiliser policy wins over motorists
  • UKIP secures second spot with promises to improve road network

The Conservative Party would be in power if British motorists got their way, a Parker's poll has revealed. 

The poll that asked Parker's readers to declare who they would vote for on the basis of political parties' motoring policies showed that 48% of the British public would vote for the Conservatives.

Surrprisingly, minority party, UKIP, came in second place with 20% of the vote, Labour in third with 13% and Liberal Democrats fourth with 10%. 

The Conservatives' 'Fair Fuel Stabiliser', designed to keep prices stable regardless of fluctuations in oil prices, proved to be a popular policy with Parker's readers.

UKIP's second place will no doubt be down to their pledged £3bn investment in the UK's transport infrastructure, building new bypasses and widening major roads, along with the return of government fuel tax 'windfalls' to motorists if oil prices rise above a set price.  

Kieren Puffett, Editor of, said: 'When it comes to motoring policies the Parker's audience are very clear about what they like and don't like. The Conservative's Fair Fuel Stabiliser certainly seems to be winning a lot of votes from UK's motorists as it would undoubtedly help them manage their running costs, given the high cost of petrol. 

'UKIP's motoring policies are also certainly proving popular among the voters. It does seem that despite Labour's budget announcements to stagger the fuel price rises, their policies are not winning the voters over. Based on the Parker's poll, the Conservatives would be voted into power as being the party that is best set to look after the UK motorist.' 

Around 500 readers took part in the poll and predictably, environmental factors were low on the list of priorities for Parker's readers with the Green Party gaining only 1% of the vote. BNP got 5% of the vote.