Personal shopper for car buyers

  • Personal shopper aims to save you hassle, time and cash
  • Finds the used car you want and within your budget
  • Cars are inspected, valeted and delivered to your door

Parker's has launched a new service to help used car buyers find their ideal car quickly and easily.

The service, provided by Outside Lane, does all the hunting for a used car for the buyer, based on the customer's requirements.

You supply the details of what you're looking for and the personal shopper will locate, inspect and buy a suitable car, prepare it to showroom condition and deliver it to you.

The company charges a fee of £850+VAT but can offer savings of up to £2,000. This means customers can potentially save over £1,000 compared to buying the car from a dealer or private seller. Charges for vehicles costing more than £20,000 are individually assessed.

There are no up-front fees, no commit to buy and if you aren't happy with your vehicle then you're entitled to a full refund.

Outside Lane operates for both business and private customers and even purchases fleets of cars for companies.

For more details, or to start a search for a car, visit Outside Lane here.

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