Roadload develops new tail-lift

  • The U-tail system can be raised and lowered in six seconds
  • Prices for the U-tail-converted Boxer start from £32,000
  • Storage boxes start from £3,500

Conversion company Roadload has developed a new system to make loading and unloading easier.

It is called the U-tail system and it can be raised and lowered in six seconds.

The conversion company uses Peugeot Boxer chassis cabs because they are versatile.

Under the bonnet, the Boxer has a 2.2-litre diesel engine and there are a variety of loading configurations that companies can utilise. There is a standard covered box, which has a loading volume of six cubic metres, other styles include a tipper and a load carrier.

The vehicle with a standard box can take a maximum payload of 1,100kg, while the flatbed version can hold a maximum payload of 1,200kg.

Roadload has confirmed the Peugeot Boxer with the U-tail lift will cost from £32,000 for the flat bed variant, while the detachable boxes will cost from £3,500 each. The vehicle will go on sale by the end of May 2010.

Initially, Peugeot will supply Boxer chassis cabs to Roadload, but the French manufacturer is looking at the possibility of making the U-tail an approved conversion.