Shell introduces mpg-boosting fuel

  • Shell promises improved economy with FuelSave
  • Save at least one litre of fuel per tank, says oil company
  • Motorists doing average mileage could save £60 a year

Shell has launched a new fuel that claims to save you at at least £1 every time you fill up your tank.

The oil company has introduced FuelSave diesel and petrol pumps on its forecourts and it claims it will improve fuel economy dramatically, effectively giving drivers an extra litre per tank (this is based on a minimum tank size and fill of 50 litres) at no extra cost.

So how does it work?

The new formula uses a special detergent designed to improve fuel economy. It works by lubricating where normal engine oils can't easily reach. This helps engine components turn easier, resulting in more of the fuel's energy being made available to drive the wheels.

As long as your vehicle has a fuel tank of more than 50 litres then you should save at least one litre per fill, or 52 litres a year on average, says Shell. Petrol prices are currently sitting at around 116p per litre so this new fuel should save motorists who spend around £50 a month on fuel £60.32 a year. Diesel is currently priced at 119p per saving motorists £61.88 each year.

Fleets stand to benefit the most as their drivers are likely to refuel at least twice a week - a saving of £120 per vehicle per year. Running a small- to medium-sized fleet (50-500) on Shell FuelSave could save you anywhere between £3,000 and £30,000 depending on size and miles.

Edmund King, President of the AA, said: 'In these difficult economic times anything that can save you fuel and money is welcome. Saving a litre of fuel each time you fill up will add up to big savings in the long term. Combined with fuel-efficient driving techniques, this could offer a major boost to the finances of families across Britain. Drivers have nothing to lose by testing their miles per gallon savings with this fuel.'