Are special edition cars a rip-off?

  • Is it worth spending more on limited edition cars?
  • Added graphics, special paint colours and posh alloys
  • We pick out some of the latest models to see if it's worth it

Fiat 695 Tributo Ferrari



A tie-in with a classic and premium Italian car maker is sure to get you some extra customers. With this you get a power upgrade over the 'standard' Esseesse, which takes the output from 160bhp to 180bhp, which means you'll get to 60mph in 7 seconds - 0.4s quicker. Slapping a few Ferrari badges on the side will no doubt drag a few more customers through the door if the extra power isn't enough to persuade them... until the £30k price tag is revealed.  

Extras over standard model: 19bhp, Paddle-shift transmission, Ferrari livery and details, 'Sports' button, dual-mode exhaust, sports seats, brake cooling ducts, 17" alloys

Price - £29,600

Run quantity - 152

Abarth Esseesse 500 price - £16,105 

Price difference - £13,105


Ford Focus RS500



As if a regular RS model wasn't quick enough or look mean enough, the 500 version gives it that extra bite. Unfortunately you will pay a lot of cash for that extra pace you're unlikely to be able to use and some matte black paint. When the standard version is already brilliant save that extra money for all the fuel your going to burn in a very short space of time.


Extras over standard model: 44bhp, red calipers, metallic black alloys, matt black finish, recaro seats, leather trim. Only options are touchscreen DVD nav and red leather seats.

Price - £35,450

Run quantity - 500

Standard 500 price - £27,895

Price difference - £7,555

Fiat 500CbyDIESEL




What could be better than the fashionable 500C with some fashionable fashion logos all over it? Oh that's right, just the 500C without fashion logos all over it. You'll get no mechanical changes, just purely aesthetics so you're probably better off parting £150 quid for some Diesel jeans to show off and pocketing the £850 you've saved.

Extras over standard model: 16-inch special alloy wheels with DIESEL logo, brake callipers painted yellow (optional on 1.4 version only), specific burnished-metal-finish front and rear bumper inserts, specific burnished-metal-finish side rubbing strips, specific burnished-metal-finish door handles and mirrors, unique side pillar moulding embossed with the word DIESEL, unique rear moulding with the DIESEL logo, special DIESEL branded upholstery in denim fabric and yellow stitching, specific leather steering wheel with yellow stitching, DIESEL logo on the gear lever knob.

Price - £14,865 for 1.2, £16,265 for 1.4,
£17,265 for 1.3

Run quantity - N/A

Standard 500C price - £13,865 for 1.2, £15,265 for 1.4, £16,265 for 1.3

Price difference - £1,000

Renault Twingo Gordini



Named after Grand Prix driver Amedee Gordini who then built sports cars under the same name, Renault has now resurrected the Gordini badge for a line of special edition Renaultsport models including the Twingo. The only problem is you'll spend more than £2,000 over the regular model and hours explaining to everyone else just who exactly Mr Gordini was.

Extras over standard model: Auto headlight and windscreen wipers, carpet mats, cruise control and speed limiter, optional cup chassis, rear lateral airbags, optional Renaultsport monitor, 17" Gordini alloys, extra tinted glass in rear windows and tailgate, metallic paint, automatic climate control, Bluetooth sound pack, Gordinin leather seats, sliding rear seats, rear headrests, rear parcel shelf.

Price - £14,500

Run quantity - N/A

Standard 500 price - £12,100 

Price difference - £2,400

Fiat 500 BlackJack 1.2



There's nothing like striking while the iron is hot, and the 500 iron has been continuously hot since its launch back in 2008. So it's hardly a surprise that the Italian manufacturer is attempting to cash in on the little car's popularity with some different paint and alloys. The 500 is fun enough as it is, you don't need a limited edition paint colour to widen the smile on your face.

Extras over standard model: Matt paint finish, metallic body mouldings, door handles, mirrors and plate holders. 16" alloys with red coach line.  

Price - £12,165

Run quantity - 200

Standard 500 price - £10,865 

Price difference - £1,300