Top ten stocking fillers

Product: Sesbastian's coming of age - 2010 Formula One Season Review DVD
Price: £19.99
Available from: Grand Prix Models
Ok, we wanted Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button to win the championship, but Vettel deserved it in the end even if he did ram Mark Webber off the road mid-season. If nothing else you can all share the best moments of the grand prix season while consuming day-old turkey and microwaved sprouts on Boxing Day.


Sat nav (TomTom Go Live 1000)
Price: £196.70
Available from: Amazon
As sat nav systems go, the Go Live 1000 from TomTom is the king. The most impressive feature is the 'points of interest' system, which has an interface with search engine Google meaning so you can type in any word and the system will search your local area for it.


Tyre inflation system
Price: £16.99
Available from: Halfords

Checking your tyre pressures should be an essential part of your weekly car maintenance. However, with a tyre inflation system you don't even have to go to the petrol station. It plugs into the 12v cigar lighter socket in your car, meaning you can do it from home or even at work.


Gran Turismo 5
Available from
Price: £39.99

Yep, it's the most talked about game of, well, this week anyway, and if you want a bit of family fun make sure you give this to someone who's a a rubbish gamer. Challenge the whole family to an afternoon of driving about a bit and then revel in your glory as your mum starts to pour the Baileys.

Product: Lotus branded polo shirt
Price: £34.99
Available from: Amazon

This is a stylish looking number and it's by far the best of the affordable branded clothing we have seen this year. In British Racing Green, this polo shirt is smart and it will go down well if you attend motorsport events in 2011. 


Winter driving kit
Price: £19.99
Available from: RAC shop
As the cold weather closes in it's very important to be prepared for driving in extreme conditions. A winter driving kit will mean you're prepared to face the cold and get through with the minimum of hassle. This kit has an ice scraper, foil blanket, wind-up torch and de-icing fluids. 



Product: F1 Ferrari branded golf balls
Price:  £21.32
Available from: F1 Ferrari shop

Apparently these are three-layer Ferrari golf balls for high level players so don't give them to a hacker because they'll be gone after three holes played. Still, it makes a nice gift: the black Prancing Horse one side and the Ferrari script on the other add a touch of class on the golf course. They come in a red cardboard presentation box with the logo on its lid.

Product: How Hard Can it Be? The World According to Clarkson Volume 4
Available from: Tesco
Price: £10

It's your usual fare - a book with more ranting and raving from a greying, balding old bloke but it is, in the main, quite entertaining. The person who receives this will, inevitably, be sitting in the corner giggling to her or himself come Boxing Day and you'll be the only one who knows why. It's because you know they're barking mad. At this point it's best to take pity on them, and give them your present.



Product: ECCO GPS keychain
Available from:
Price: £69.99

You need to give this to a loser - no really you do. There are people in this world who can't find anything, even their cars. This handy little gift should end their pain and if you choose to buy it for them they will forever be in your debt. Inside the bowels of this little key fob is a small GPS system that should direct you to your car, wherever it is.

Battery charger/jump-starter
Price: £19.99
Available from: Maplins

Car batteries are much more vulnerable to losing charge in cold weather, so it's much more likely you'll get a flat battery in winter. In this situation a battery-charging kit will be a Godsend, meaning you don't need to find another car to get yours fired up again.