Top 5 affordable hot hatches

  • We pick the top five junior hot hatches
  • Ranging in power from 120 to 180bhp
  • Fun and affordable, prices from under £14,000

We've been putting the new Twingo Gordini through its paces - a hot version of the little Renault supermini which offers plenty of fun for an affordable price. It also stands out on the road with its distinctive styling and body stripes. So if you want a small, fast and affordable car with a bit of character thrown in, what are the top five choices?


1.Skoda Fabia 1.4 TSI vRS DSG



The most expensive car in our comparison, but also by far the most powerful thanks to a turbocharged and supercharged 1.4-litre TSI petrol which channels 180bhp through a seven-speed DSG semi-automatic gearbox. Economy and emissions are impressive too.


Price - £15,700

CO2 emissions - 148g/km

VED and BIK bandings - F/18%

Fuel economy - 45.6mpg

2. Abarth 500 1.4 T-Jet



Take one cute Fiat 500, soup-up the engine to 135bhp and add in a serious bodykit which gives the 500 plenty of added muscle. Abarth branding means this car is a different beast to the regular Fiat 500, with its scorpion badge and chunky alloy wheels.


Price - £14,155

CO2 emissions - 155g/km

VED and BIK bandings - G/20%

Fuel economy - 43.4mpg

3. Citroen DS3 1.6 VTi DStyle  




Citroen's new DS sub-brand is aimed to stealing sales away from MINI. DS gives you the option of adorning the body with decals and different colour options to make your car individual. Shares turbocharged 120bhp engine with the MINI.


Price - £13,700

CO2 emissions - 136g/km

VED and BIK bandings - E/116%

Fuel economy - 47.9mpg




4. Renaultsport Twingo



Renaultsport has done the business with the Twingo and now it handles like a go-kart and kicks like a mule. Why? Well, there's a 1.6-litre turbo engine delivering 133bhp under the bonnet and it's more than up to the job. Don't bother with the Gordini version - you'll be paying through the nose for a couple of stripes and a fancy name. Go for the Cup version: you don't need the extras and you pay less.


Price - £12,100

CO2 emissions - 159g/km

VED and BIK bandings - G/20%

Fuel economy - 42.2 mpg



5. MINI Cooper




Cute retro looks and great handling, plus the option to personalise your car with myriad paint and decal options. A modern-day take on the original, with fun handling and great build quality and low emissions thanks to its BMW links.


Price - £13,980

CO2 emissions - 127g/km

VED and BIK bandings - D/15%

Fuel economy - 52.3mpg