Top five: the best coupe-saloons

  • Parker's pick of the top five coupe-saloon models
  • Niche market sector offers style and practicality
  • Premium brands dominate the list of top choices

Audi's recent announcement of the A7 Sportback is another example of a car being branded as a 'coupe' even though it has got four doors and a hatchback.

While primarily marketing spiel, the 'coupe saloon' has become a market niche with a variety of models on offer. Parker's picks five of the best...

 1. Volkswagen Passat CC 2.0 TDI 170 GT



Underneath the sexy CC's bodywork is the more prosaic Passat, which means solid build quality, a raft of engine and gearbox options and plenty of room for four adults. Loses some practicality to the stock saloon, but it looks much more modern. 

Price - £25,525

CO2 emissions - 146g/km

Tax band - F (£125)

Fuel economy - 62.8mpg


2. Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI SE



The A7's junior relation, the A5, is depending on how you look at it, an A5 coupe with two more doors or an A4 hatchback. Regardless of that, it has one of the best built and most inviting cabins on the market, while stop/start technology helps lower emissions.

Price - £27,420

CO2 emissions - 137g/km

Tax band - E (£110)

Fuel economy - 54.3mpg

3. Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI



Mercedes-Benz created this market niche back in 2005 and the CLS still looks great despite its advancing years. A new one is just around the corner, but the current version with a smooth V6 diesel engine is a great executive express.

Price - £48,400

CO2 emissions - 200g/km

Tax band - J (£215)

Fuel economy - 37.2mpg


4. Jaguar XF 3.0d V6 Luxury



The most saloon-like of the bunch, the XF has a low, tapering roofline that gives it the air of a coupe. Recently revised with improced diesel engines, the XF's cockpit remains one of the best places to be thanks to its blend of wood, leather and metal trim.

Price - £34,900

CO2 emissions - 179g/km

Tax band - I (£200)

Fuel economy - 42mpg


5. BMW X6 xDrive 30d



Not really a coupe, and certainly not a saloon - the X6 is a hard car to define. It is based on the X5 SUV but brings with it a tapering rear roofline. Definitely a Marmite car, one thing which is not in doubt is how impressive the X6 is on the road in terms of performance and handling.

Price - £45,280

CO2 emissions - 195g/km

Tax band - K (£215)

Fuel economy - 38.2mpg