Top five Christmas present carriers

  • Our guide to the biggest boots available
  • Mix of 4x4 and people carriers
  • Prices range from £20k - £70k

You've got the kids, the dog, the cat, the presents and the mince pies to get to the mother-in-law's by Christmas Eve for a festive week of overdulging in things that'll increase you waistband and decrease your bank account. In the words of Roy Scheider, 'We're going to need a bigger car' - well, he didn't really say 'car' he said 'boat', but we're sure you'll let us off.

Anyway, what's the best car for the Christmas holiday jaunt to the rellys? We've scoured the showrooms to find you the cars you can buy today with statistically the biggest boots*.

1. Kia Sedona 

Price (from): £20,490

Boot capacity: 1,083 litres

It may not be the best looking MPV on sale but Kia's Sedona is easy to drive, massively spacious and has a good level of interior equipment. Couple all that with a seven-year warranty and you've got one of the best value-for-money people carriers available today.  

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2. Range Rover

Price (from): £67,495

Boot capacity: 994 litres

It isn't cheap and it isn't elegant, but it's still regarded as one of the best 4x4s money can buy. The Range Rover is hugely practical and very comfortable too, with a good range of engines offering effortless performance for such a large car. Just don't ask about the running costs...

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3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Price (from): £32,990

Boot capacity: 978 litres

Perhaps not the best-selling car in the UK, it might surprise you to find that the Grand Cherokee is practical and nowhere near as rugged as it looks. A refined VW-sourced diesel engine means it's also not a bad car to drive.

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4. Hyundai Santa Fe

Price (from): £21,620

Boot capacity: 969 litres

Revised in 2009, the Santa Fe is one of the better cars in the Hyundai line-up. It has genuine off-road ability and very few cars can match it on space, equipment and value for money.

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5. Mercedes M Class

Price (from): £41,210

Boot capacity: 833 litres

The M-class is a well-conceived car with a superb set of engines and excellent interior quality. The bonkers AMG version has 510bhp, although such high-spec machines don't come cheap.

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*each of the boot capacities are figures with all of the seats up.