More used car options for Cost of Motoring tool

  • Parkers launches more used Cost of Motoring options
  • Compare running costs for both used and new cars
  • Running costs for cars up to six years old available

Our new cars Cost of Motoring tool has been extremely successful since its launch earlier this year.

With a few clicks you can find out exactly what your next new car will cost you. From annual and monthly fuel costs to depreciation, servicing, maintenance and road tax, you can find out exactly what you will pay and work out if the car you have chosen makes financial sense.

It’s an extremely useful tool for any car buyer, and you can even make comparisons with different models to find out the financial pros and cons. Until now, however, the Cost of Motoring tool has primarily been for new cars, but now our tool includes a capacity to compare – or simply view individually – used cars too.

We realise that used car buyers need vital information as much as new car buyers. Now, new technology allows us to draw upon our massive bank of used car information so used car buyers can get all the information they need. In these financially constrained times it could be a massive help,

We are also in the unique position of being the only website that’s able to offer this service, which allows you to find out exactly what you will pay for cars up to six years old.

Our new device also give you details of the running costs over a seven-year ownership, so you can get a real handle on your motoring costs for a car that will potentially be 13 years old when you come to sell it on.

The updated Cost of Motoring tool is so flexible that you can even compare costs for new cars with used cars. It can compare up to three cars at any one time so, potentially, you can look at the costs of two new cars and compare those with a used car of your choice.

Equally, you can compare three used cars at any one time, and even two used cars and one new car. It’s a useful little gizmo that we think will be a fantastic help to all our readers who are in the car-buying process.

So, it’ll be a great help for those who are considering both used and new cars and it should give you all the information to you need to make you a smarter car buyer.

Click on our Cost of Motoring tool here.