Daihatsu halts UK new car sales

  • Customers can no longer buy new Daihatsu cars
  • Existing owners will continue to be supported
  • Daihatsu blame increasing costs as main reason

Car manufacturer Daihatsu has announced that it will stop selling cars in the UK on 31 January, 2013.

It claims that, due to increase development and import costs, the price of the cars has been increased beyond competitive levels.

Current owners have been reassured that their after-sales service and support will continue unaffected. The supply of spare parts will also be maintained and warranty work and servicing will continue to be undertaken by Daihatsu's dealer network. 

Daihatsu's sales have been hit hard over the past years, with the Japanese car maker losing ground to competitors with wider ranges and stronger brands. In 2009 it sold 2,306 cars in the UK, yet in 2010 it only managed to sell 59.

There is now no new stock of Daihatsu cars in the UK and no other cars are expected to be imported meaning that the withdrawl, which is also taking affect across Europe, may happen ahead of the announced date.

To see the contact details and locations of all the remaining dealerships, click here.