IBX concept and Alhambra 4x4

  • SEAT unveils hybrid 4x4 powertrain
  • Could be linked to petrol or diesel engines
  • Alhambra with all-wheel drive gets debut

SEAT says its IBX concept has a self-confident look and distinctive proportions, which sounds much like Serena Williams, but this is not a tennis player, merely another 4x4 with a hybrid powertrain.

Underneath the skin lies an electric motor that's capable of doing 45 miles in electric-only mode, but when that runs out of juice it reverts to either an Ecomotive petrol or diesel engine - SEAT hasn't decided which to use yet - and then you can head for the hills, but sadly you'll be emitting some CO2, but SEAT hasn't said how much yet.

The IBX is set up for front-wheel drive but is a small 4x4 - go figure - and it doesn't look unlike another other SEAT really. It does have a bit of an A1 look about it and a bunch of LED lights to give it a suitably concepty feel.

The other big thing on the SEAT stand is the Alhambra four-wheel-drive. It's got the usual - six seats, sliding side doors and a 2.0-litre TDI engine that delivers 138bhp mated to a manual six-speed transmission. It's not there to wow you, but it's a good idea for families that want extra safety and room.

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