Honda halves production

  • Swindon factory slashes production following parts shortages
  • Parts manufacturer in Japan resumes at 50% of normal rate
  • Honda calls for 'understanding' until parts crisis is over

Honda has cut production by 50% at its Swindon factory following concerns over parts shortages.

Following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, Honda suspended vehicle and part production in Japan but would resume production at its Suzuka and Sayama factories on April 11, with production and shipment of component parts resuming on April 4.

Honda says the supply of parts remains unstable because production of component parts and vehicles at Honda plants in Japan will be at half the normal rate.  

Although the vast majority of parts for cars built at Swindon are sourced from Europe there are still some that come from Japan and the inevitable result means a slow-down of production in the UK.

From April 11 the Swindon factory will work at half its current rate and Honda says that by taking this action, it can continue production using flexible working hours. The Japanese car maker says that once full production is resumed the reduced volume production will be quickly recovered using the banked hours.

Ken Keir, Executive Vice President, Honda Motor Europe, said: "We've taken the decision to reduce our production volumes at HUM (Honda UK) as it enables us to continue with our manufacturing activities, thus minimising the impact on Honda customers, dealers and associates. We appreciate everyone's understanding, customers and dealers, during these challenging times."