Hyundai servicing goes digital

  • Company to put servicing manuals online
  • Allows dealers to update it and owners view it
  • Third party offers as part of online package

Hyundai owners will soon be able to view their servicing history online with the manufacturer set to create digital manuals. 

The new system - dubbed 'MyHyundai' - means owners can log on and check their servicing schedules, MOTs and the latest servicing details. This will also allow dealers to update the manuals when the car has been in for a service. 

Owners will also be able to use system to print off their servicing history if they lose their servicing manual. However, the manufacturer is quick to point out that it won't mean the end of servicing manuals and stamps that are vital for resale.

Using the new system will also make it easier for owners to search particular information from the manual, from tyre pressure to the car's VIN number.  

The system will eventually be rolled out to used owners as well as new owners and is being done in a bid to improve brand loyalty, according to a spokesperson. 

New buyers will get a welcome letter asking them to log on to the system in which dealers will also be able to update when a car has been in for a service. The firm also says that this will soon be available as a smart phone app.