Speed camera data to be revealed

  • Motorists could have access to data by April 2011
  • Details on accident rates and revenue raised
  • ABD calls for full data to be available to the public  

Motorists will soon be able to find out exactly how much money each individual speed camera raises if new proposals announced by the government are approved.

The plans, announced by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning, will mean that full details of each speed camera and speed camera site will be available to the public by April this year.

Local authorities and the police will have to publish data about accident rates at camera sites, vehicle speeds and the numbers of motorists prosecuted or offered training after offences recorded by cameras.

Mike Penning said: "Public bodies should be accountable and if taxpayers' money is being spent on speed cameras then it is right that information about their effectiveness is available to the public.

"The proposals I have announced today will help show what impact cameras are having on accident and casualty rates and also how the police are dealing with offenders.

"This is in line with our commitment to improve transparency of government data so that the public are able to make more informed judgements about the work of local and central government."

The Department will be working with police and local authorities as well as the Highways Agency to discuss the details of what should be published and how. The final requirements will then be confirmed in time for publication in April 2011.

The Association of British Drivers welcomed the news but is insisting the government should force local authorities and police to publish full and accurate data.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said: "The ABD has years of experience attempting to get raw data out of elusive partnerships without success. Any data grudgingly released is invariably missing vital information or spun in a misleading fashion. This cannot continue."

The ABD is calling for all camera partnerships to be forced to reveal accident and casualty rates, exact speeds of vehicles involved, directions of travel and distance from camera location and any changes to nearby road layouts that may have affected accident rates.